Sunday, September 30, 2012

How To Make Goo

Who doesn't like GOO, right!? My niece and daughters loved making their own ooey, gooey, slimy, yucky GOO and it is so easy!

It's a great little project for rainy days or Halloween that is coming up fast!

You Will Need:
* Liquid Starch (You can find it around the fabric softeners)
* Glue ( Like Elmer's School Glue)
* Bowl
* Food Coloring
* Spoon (optional... we liked using our hands... hehe!)

Put 1/4 cup of liquid starch and 1/4 cup of glue into your bowl... add your color of choice of food coloring and mix with your spoon or your hands. Mix until it is a glob that holds together. The more you mix, the stronger it will be.

FYI... My daughter got some on her shirt that I didn't notice until laundry day and it came out no problem!

Have fun making GOO with the Kiddos!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why Use The Walking foot

Here is what my Walking Foot for my machine looks like. You can usually buy a Walking Foot at any sewing supplies store and they usually run about $15 or so. Not a bad price for something so helpful!

The Walking Foot will keep layers of fabric feeding evenly and also helps to match plaids. The Walking Foot has an upper set of feed teeth that move the top layers of fabric at the same rate as the bottom layers.

The Walking Foot is great for materials that are stretchy or like to slip and slide while sewing. Minky is just one example... if you want to sew a project using Minky fabric, a Walking Foot will come in very handy and save you some stress.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Key Fob Giveaway WINNERS!

Sorry for the late post! We didn't have power all day yesterday! It was not fun, but it's finally back on! Yay! You never realize how much you use electricity until it's not there!

Our WINNERS to the Key Fob Giveaway are:

* Tosha M.

* Jennifer D.

* Dusty O.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Key Fob Giveaway

Key Fob Giveaway! 3 WINNERS will be announced one week from today...September 25, 2012. To enter go to our Facebook page, "Like" us and Tag yourself or Share the Key Fob Giveaway photo!!!

Good Luck!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Printable Fabric Sheets

I have just recently braved up to do a large quilt for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I've done small things but nothing to big.

(Yes... this year I am actually starting early! Woo Hoo!)

Anyhoo... I wanted something special, hence the photo memory quilt, and I found these Colorfast Fabric Sheets. I must say... they are wonderful! My husband even thought they were actual pictures until he felt of the fabric!

When I done the Colorfast Treatment on them so they would hold their color with washing... I was nervous and held my breathe. Guess what... they turned out perfect!

(Oh yeah... doin' my happy dance!!!)

If you decide to make a project using these Colorfast Fabric Sheets, be sure to get the right one for your project. If it will need to be washed, make sure to get the washable fabric sheets or your pictures will ruin. (Trust me! Don't ask... just trust me!)

Here is one of my squares for the quilt with a picture of my hubby's grandfather & grandmother. I just love this picture of them! He's got a big smile on his face & she's looking at him with this beautiful, soft smile! You can just feel the love they had by looking at the picture! (I hope someone says that about me and my hubby one day.) They were definitely an example of love!

Well, lets get some lunch in my girls' bellies so mama can sew right thru nap time! Hehe!! I'm so excited!!!

Happy Crafting

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Button Tree Canvas Art

OK... I love the Button Tree! I did this cute little button tree for my girls' room. I wanted it bright and just cheerful for them. It reminds me of what a candy tree would look like... if their were candy trees!

This is also a fun project for kids. My girls liked getting to help place the buttons on!

You will Need:
* Canvas (any size)
* Paint
* Buttons
* Craft Glue
* Paint brushes
* Pencil

Paint your canvas in the shade you want. To get the faded look just start at the top and keep blending it in. You can paint the whole thing or not paint it at all. It's up to you.

Take a pencil and draw your tree. It doesn't have to be perfect. The buttons will cover up any mistakes you may make. Drawing is not a strong point of mine, so don't look to close to my tree.

Paint your tree

Play around with your buttons, find a place you like them and glue them down. If you would like to use any buttons that have the "hook" on the back, just take a craft knife or box cutter (something with a sharp point) and make a SMALL slit where you want it. Glue the back while sticking the "hook" thru the slit you made.

When gluing your buttons down, use a craft Glue like E6000 or Craft Art. I wouldn't hot glue them. The hot glue doesn't hold well to the canvas and pops off easily. If you do dots on the back of your buttons, use a very small amount (you don't need a lot). I like to take a small flat brush and brush the glue on.

You can add hardware to hang it or ribbon. I used ribbon since it was going in the girls' room.

Here are some pictures of it hanging in their room. It was kinda hard to get a good picture. Their room has an odd angle when you first walk in.

I hope you enjoyed the button tree! They are super fun to make and very easy! Their are so many things you can do with them too. You can make them bright and cheerful or a little more sophisticated.

Happy Crafting!