What Machine Do You Use?

The first machine I ever got was a Brother LS-2125. It was a cheap machine but it has been a great machine. Never had trouble out of it!
The machine I use all the time is my Brother SE-400. It has been a wonderful machine as well! I personally love the Brother brand sewing machines!

What Embroidery Machine do you use?

I use the embroidery machine field on my SE-400.

When Do You Have Time To Sew/ Craft?

Hmmm... well, mostly at night when my kiddos are getting their beauty sleep. My kiddos have a usual bedtime and it gives me a little time to do my projects. I also take full advantage of nap time! Well, when it happens... they are getting more and more rare around here!

Where Do You Buy Your Fabrics And Craft Supplies?

I get my fabrics and craft supplies from all over really. If I have a coupon for a certain store, I will go and see what deal I can find. Even if I don't have a project in mind, I can almost always find something for my future projects pile! hehe
I also have a wonderful friend who sews and she gave me a lot of fabric! Don't worry, I wasn't a fabric hog... I shared it with another sewing friend of mine. We are all getting to enjoy it!

How long have you been sewing?

I sewed a little when I lived at home (by hand)but when I got pregnant with my first daughter about 5 yrs ago is when I really wanted to try the sewing machine. Everything I liked was expensive, like most cute girl things are, and this was my fix to the problem. For the most part anyways! It's amazing what you can do with a sewing machine and how much cost you can cut down by sewing it yourself!
It's also a great feeling when someone asks where you bought something and you get the privilege to say you made it!

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