Monday, July 22, 2013


Our oldest daughter will be going to Kindergarten this year and after a lot of thinking, we have decided to home school her. Lots of emotions going on here! I'm really excited and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous too!

I have a  lot of support from my husband, family, friends and church family but I'm still so nervous! So, if you do any praying, pray that our homeschooling adventure goes well and that this mama makes it through! hahaha

My very sweet friend home-schooled her boys last year and she gave me some wonderful things to start us out on our Kindergarten journey.

Just look at all these goodies! I know... I have a great friend!
I still have a lot of things to get in order but this was a great little start and very much appreciated!
I always loved school, so I'm excited to show my girls all the wonderful things about learning!

If you homeschool, please feel free to share any tips!

How to make a pettiskirt

What little girl wouldn't want a pettiskirt!?

I made Ella a pettiskirt to go under her "minnie" dress for her birthday and she loved it!

I actually paid for a pettiskirt pattern and it was HORRIBLE! No pictures at all except for 1 of the finished project and the directions were not very good at all either. I didn't read much until I knew I had made a mistake buying it. (And I seriously hate giving bad reviews! Not fun!)

So, I used the tutorial from Make It & Love It. I made a few minor tweaks but for the most part, this was the best explained way to make a pettiskirt! Making a pettiskirt does take a bit of time but it's so rewarding seeing the finished project and the little cutie twirling and loving it! Just take your time and don't worry... YOU CAN DO IT!!! 

Our "Minnie" Turned ONE!

My baby has turned ONE! This is a very happy yet sad time for mama! She is the happiest baby and growing so well, but I'm so not ready for her to already be one! The year has flown by way too fast!

Never the less, I pushed through my "sad mama stage" and planned her big party! We had a few gliches but thank the good Lord, we made it through! 

Our party theme!?? We had to do Minnie of course! hehe

A very sweet girl from our church offered to dress up as a Minnie mouse. She looked so cute!
All the Minnie and Mickey ears were made by my sister, step-niece and I. I honestly don't know if I would have gotten everything done if it weren't for them! They were a HUGE help!

I made her dress and pettiskirt. The head gear was a gift.
This is my first pettiskirt and I'm very proud! I actually bought a pettiskirt pattern from a seller on etsy and I have never regretted buying a PDF pattern until that one! It was horrible and it was so confusing! No pictures and they tried to make it as hard as possible. But now I know... NO MORE patterns from that seller! Okay... my little rant is over! After searching online and seeing many ways that people do them, I found the best one, I thought, made a few minor changes but it was very helpful! Read about the pettiskirt here.
You can read my review on the dress pattern here.

Tiered popcorn stand! 

Hey, we are from the South... fruit tea was a Must Have!