Monday, July 22, 2013

How to make a pettiskirt

What little girl wouldn't want a pettiskirt!?

I made Ella a pettiskirt to go under her "minnie" dress for her birthday and she loved it!

I actually paid for a pettiskirt pattern and it was HORRIBLE! No pictures at all except for 1 of the finished project and the directions were not very good at all either. I didn't read much until I knew I had made a mistake buying it. (And I seriously hate giving bad reviews! Not fun!)

So, I used the tutorial from Make It & Love It. I made a few minor tweaks but for the most part, this was the best explained way to make a pettiskirt! Making a pettiskirt does take a bit of time but it's so rewarding seeing the finished project and the little cutie twirling and loving it! Just take your time and don't worry... YOU CAN DO IT!!!