Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sewn Tutu

Tutus are so popular right now! They are adorable, aren't they?!

I started out making the tied tutus but after I made one for my girls, I realized that they were taking off the tulle. Not good! So, I gave a sewn tutu a whirl and I love them! They are super easy!

You will need:
* Tulle ( get creative... their are all sorts out there.... regular, shiny, glitter, etc...)
* .75" Elastic

I use the tulle that is on a roll that has a 6" width. The amount you need will depend on the size you are doing and the fullness you want.

I'm doing a newborn size in this tutorial. I cut my elastic for the waist at 16". I wanted my length to be 8", so I doubled it and cut my tulle to 16" lengths. (Once folded it will be the 8" desired length)

Get stacks going on of each color that you want to use. Fold a piece of tulle in half and sew a 1" seam allowance. Just continue to fold pieces of your tulle and add them one after another.

Before you know it, you will have a bunch of fluffy goodness going on!

When you think you are satisfied with the fullness, it's time to get the elastic in! (If you want to add more after you have threaded the elastic through, no problem, just slide off of few pieces and attach more tulle)

Stick a safety pin through one end of your elastic and slide it into the 1" casting you've been sewing. I like to attach the other end of the elastic to the first piece I went through so it doesn't come out.

Once you get to the other side and you're satisfied with the fullness, sew your elastic pieces together using a 1/2" seam allowance.

After I get done, I do like to go around the bottom edge just to make sure everything is nice and neat.

You can still add a ribbon bow, flower or whatever if you want to!

That's it! All done!


  1. THANK U SO MUCH! I hated the tied tutu's. This takes a little time, but once u get the tulle cut, off u go!

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  3. I love the sewn ones too! They are so much nicer than the tied ones! I'm glad it worked for you!

  4. Question: when you say "add to it as you go" do you mean overlap the folded tulle and keep going? I'm kind of confused how you ended up with a long string of tulle like that.

  5. It's kinda like you're sewing one giant piece together. I don't go over the tulle already folded. To get it fluffier, if needed, I just keep folding pieces and running them through the machine like shown. I hope that helped!

  6. Does that tutu pictured at the top have more than one layer? It looks like it might have two. Also, how many yards do you think I need for a 28 inch waist?

  7. It only has one layer. I just kept sewing the pieces together and kept scrunching them onto the elastic until I got the fullness I wanted. I like mine REALLY full! I wouldn't get the tulle cut by the yard if it were me. It makes it a little more time consuming. You can buy the rolls like in the picture above. Just remember when you are cutting the pieces, cut it twice the length you want. So when it gets folded in half and sewn, you have the correct length. The amount you need is really just a preference on how full you want it. I would say maybe around 3ish. (guessing)

  8. What would be the best way to add more than 1 layer?


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