Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Miss Priss Purse

You will need to cut two front and two back pieces at 2"x18 1/2" for your straps.

Take one front strap piece and one back piece and sew them together right sides together on both long sides. Do this with both sets.

Turn your straps right side out and sew a top stitch on both sides about 1/4"

For my tip on turning straps click HERE

Cut 2 inside and 2 outside pieces to measure 9" wide x 10" tall. On my outside pieces I cut my top pieces at 9"x4" and my bottom pieces at 9"x6".

If doing two fabric combos for the outside like I did, sew a top piece & bottom piece right sides together. (Do this for both front and back)

Press your seam open.

Cut a 2"x2" square in both lower corners to both your outside front and back.

After you have done this for both outside pieces, pin them right sides together and sew down both sides and bottom.

Now line up your bottom seam with each of your side seams and sew them together. This will close up the squares you cut out.

Your outside should now look like this.

Do the same steps to make the inside part of your bag, except leave about a 3" opening on one of the sides.

Place your Outside part inside your inside part right sides together. Pin them together around the top... remember to also place your straps in there too! Sew around the top about 1/2".

Once you get them sewn together, go back to the opening you left. See the outside of your bag in there? Pull it out, flipping your bag right sides out.

Whip stitch your opening closed after you get it turned out right. Then sew a 1/4" seam around the entire top of the bag.

You're done!

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