Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ruffle Bottom Skirt

You will need:
* Fabric for your skirt and ruffle - amount depends on your measurements needed
* .75" elastic

First, you will need to figure out how much fabric you will need for your skirt and your ruffle. Measure the child's waist and double it (this will be the width of the skirt fabric you need). Your length will be the desired length you want + 1 1/2" for your waist band - 2 1/2" for taking in account for the ruffle.
The ruffle will be the width you need x 2.
Ex. My daughter's waist is 19". So I need a width of 38".
Wanted length was 11". (11" +1 1/2" = 12 1/2" , 12 1/2" - 2 1/2" = 10") So for the skirt part I would need 38"W x 10"L.
For the ruffle I would just take the width I need and multiply by two for my width. (38 x 2 = 76)
For my length - I want my ruffle to be 2 1/2". So I need to cut it at 5". So my ruffle measurement is 76" x 5".

Take your ruffle piece, fold it in half and sew a 1/4" seam.

Now gather your fabric with a gathering foot or ruffler foot right under the seam.

Once your ruffle is gathered. Lay it next to your skirt piece to make sure it is gathered enough.

Once it's the same width as your skirt portion, flip the ruffle upside down and sew it onto your skirt portion.

Serge or do an over lock stitch to hold everything nice.

Top stitch. I added a ric-rac ribbon and then done the top stitch.

Fold the waist part 1/2", then 1".

Fold your skirt in half, sew 1/2" and then serge or over lock stitch the edge. (Be sure to unfold the waist edge you ironed down earlier for this part)

Now fold your waist back down and sew around the top of your skirt. Be sure to leave about a 3" opening to insert your elastic.

Cut a piece of your .75" elastic 1" shorter than the child's actual waist measurement and insert into the casting you made around the waist.

Once you get the elastic through the casting, sew the ends together.

Last step, sew your opening up and admire your hard work!

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