Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Tag Blankie

I love these little tag blankies! They are just so cute!

You will need:
* Ribbons
* 2 different fabrics

Cut 2 13"x13" squares from your fabric choices. (One of each) I like to use flannel for one side and minky for the other.

Cut your ribbons at 5" long. I had 4 different ribbons (16 total) Use different sizes and textures. Babies love it!

Pin your ribbons on one of your fabrics and sew 1/4" around the entire piece. Be sure to go over the ribbon pieces a few times each.

Lay your other fabric piece on top of the other (right sides together), pin and sew 1/2". Leave about a 3" opening.

Clip your corners for less bulk.

Turn your tag blankie right sides out through the opening you left. Stitch around the entire blankie about 1/4".

You're all done!

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