Monday, April 30, 2012

Boutique Diaper Wipe Case

Ok... these cute wipe cases have been everywhere! I love mine! They are so much more interesting than just a regular white wipe case.

HERE is my tutorial for the fabric yo-yos I added to my wipe case.

They can be made to match just about any bag too!

You will need;
* Travel diaper wipe case
* Fabric - enough to cover both front and back
* Warm and natural or felt
* Hot glue gun
* Ribbon

Cut out 2 fabric pieces (making sure each one is enough to cover one side) and cut out 2 pieces of warm and natural (one for each side) or use 2 layers of felt for each side (4).

Hot glue a piece of warm and natural to each side of your case and trim the edges.

Hot glue one fabric piece to each side of your wipe case and trim. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. It will soon be covered up! See this is mine... not perfect at all.

If you want to add a ribbon going across the entire case, like I did under the yo-yos, then now is the time to add that piece. If not, carry on!

Time to trim! Heat seal the end of your 3/8 in. ribbon and start hot gluing around the edge of your case. Do it on both the top and bottom edge. Here's a tip! It is easier and looks better if you add the hot glue to the ribbon a little at a time rather than the case. Yep... I learned that from personal experience! Hehe!!

Your done! Well, unless you want to add some cute little accent pieces!

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