Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun Fabric Flower Hair bow

Fun Fabric Flower Hair bow

Pictures are taken from 2 different projects, so don’t worry about the color change.

Supplies Needed:
* Felt
* 1 strip of fabric that is 5 inches wide - usually fabric is    42-45 in. in width
* Needle and thread for hand sewing in the end
* Hair bow alligator clip
* ribbon to line clip
* Hot glue gun
*Lighter (to burn ends of ribbon that lines the clip)

Step 1: Cut out a 2in x 2in circle out of paper (this will be your guide when cutting all those circles.)

Step 2: Cut your 5 inch fabric strip in half so you will have (2) 2 ½ in. fabric strips.

Step 3: Fold over your fabric the entire length, lay your 2inch circle paper piece your cut out on top and use it as your guide to cut all those circles.

Don’t worry if your circles aren’t perfect, they don’t have to be.

Step 4: Time to start your flower! Take one circle and pinch the center.

Step 5: Now smush in the sides to the center.

Step 6: Now that you have your “petal” made, lay it on a
2 inch felt circle piece with only about ¼ in hanging over your circle. Do this around the entire circle.

When you have gone around the entire circle with your 1st layer, it should look like this.

Step 7: After you finish your 1st layer, time to start on your 2nd. Lay your 2nd layer petals to were you 1st layer is sticking out about ¼ in farther.

***Now to the center of your flower!  You could have some fun here and only do two layers and hot glue a rhinestone or sew a cute button or something in the center. Here is an example.***

Step 8: If you want a full 3 layer flower, you simply hand sew each petal in the center of your flower until you are satisfied with the fullness. I usually do around 4 or 5.

Step 9: After doing your center. To make it really look “fluffed”, lay your flower on a towel or something and spray LOTS of spray starch on it and fluff all your petals and let it dry.

Now you have a sweet little fabric flower. Exciting, isn’t it?!

Just line an alligator clip with ribbon and hot glue it to the backside and your ready to go!

There are so many things you can do with these! The possibilities are endless when your dealing with fabric! How great is that! Ahhhh!

I just redid my girls' room and done this lampshade for them with these.

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