Sunday, May 17, 2015

To My Children's Sunday School Teachers

Teacher appreciation just passed and being a homeschool mom, it was nice to feel appreciated by my "students". I saw all of these amazing gifts that my friends' children made their teachers. 

Some of my super crafty friends amaze me by the way!!

I didn't think much more of it until today, at church. I was sitting in my 2 youngest daughters' Sunday school classes to help their teacher if she needs it because it can get nuts in there sometimes. Today while sitting there I saw this wonderful teacher reading a bible story to her class, even in the midst of a little chaos. She kept going, telling them about Jesus, even if they wanted to just play.

After church my husband always asks our kids what they learned in Sunday school that day. My oldest starts telling him all about what they had talked about. She talks about the love she has for her teachers, how great they are and how if someone needs help, her teachers will help them. 

I wondered if Sunday school teachers knew how appreciated they are? Do they know what a difference they make in each child's life that is in their class? Do they know what a light they are being to their little ones? Teaching the thing most important, Jesus, his love and what he done for us! Do they know what an absolute blessing they are to not only my children, but to me?

To my children's Sunday school teachers, you are a blessing! I see the love you have for Jesus! I see the love you have for all the children and they are benefiting from it! 

I know that sometimes, when you are teaching to a rough and rowdy crowd, it seems like not a word you are saying is soaking in. But I am here to tell you that it is! The things you say to them, the care you show and the word you are trying to teach them is not only soaking in but it is streaming to their hearts! They look up to you just as every bit as they look up to my husband and I. 

I'm grateful for your dedication, kindness and love you show my children! I know that the great kids I get to say are mine are not only great because of us as parents, but you had a helping hand in it! I believe you pray for them and want to see their love for Christ grow as much as we do! 

You are special to my kids! You are special to me! I know you have days you doubt how well you are doing. Well, you are doing GREAT and I appreciate your dedication!

We love and appreciate you Mrs. Lynn, Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Lwanna! You are a blessing to us!