Monday, July 9, 2012

Key Hanger

Who loves Mod Podge!? I do! I do!

The possibilities are endless with this stuff! I absolutely love it! I very well may be an addict! hahaha

This was a project that I done for our Preacher and his wife. They are Bama fans just like us (can't ya tell!). I had a few ideas for them but I let my hubby pick which one he wanted me to do and he picked the Key Holder.

You will Need:
* Piece of wood OR plaque
* scrapbook paper
* Sponge Brush
* Wooden or cardboard letters
* Your choice of paint color
* Ribbon
* Sharp box cutter or scrapbook cutter
* Cup Hooks for hanging the keys - I got a pk. of six that were 1"
* Mod Podge ***OF COURSE*** Yay!

Okie Dokie... Lets start our fun little project! Shall we?

First, paint the edges of your plaque. Let it dry.

Apply your Mod Podge on top of your plaque and place your scrapbook paper on top of it. Smooth out any bubbles that pop up.
Don't worry if you can't get them all. They will go away once it dries completely.

Cut around your scrapbook paper, leaving only the glue section. (I forgot to take a picture of this step, Whoopsie!

Paint the letters. After they have dried, using your Mod Podge, glue them in place on your plaque. Mod Podge over your entire plaque. I have found that a few thin coats does a lot better than one thick coat. Be sure to let it dry between coats.

Once the front has dried, cut your ribbon to your preferred size, heat seal the ends and hot glue one end of each to the back.

Measuring the bottom of your plaque, evenly measure and mark where your hooks should go and screw them in.

Hang and Enjoy!

That's it! Really easy huh?

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