Friday, June 29, 2012

Chic Mason Jar

So, this idea came to me out of the blue. We have a bunch of mason jars of all sizes. We never do anything with them, yet we have kept them just in case. (You never know... right?)

The other day I was putting yet another mason jar in the "stash" and I thought that I just have to come up with something for them. I went to the store looking for ideas and I saw the glass "peebles" that people put inside flower vases. I thought that would be cute and that's how it came about.

You will Need:
* Mason Jar
* Glass Glue
* Glass Paint
* Sponge Brush
* Glass Pebbles and/or any other decorative things you want to use

First, place your jar upside down on a piece of paper and paint it using your sponge brush. The coats depend on how you want your paint to look. Let the paint dry for one hour after each coat. To cure the glass paint, you will bake your mason jar. Follow the directions on the paint for baking time. When you bake it, make sure you sit the jar upright so no heat will get trapped inside.

After your jar has cooled, use your glass glue to glue your glass pebbles on.

Once you have your jar all done, the glass glue will need to set up. Make sure no beads or decorations have slipped. Fix them if they have. Now tightly (but without messing up your work) roll your jar up with some fabric and let it sit for a few hours.

That's it! I even put a little rope on mine to dress it up after I was done and I'm using it to hold the flower pens my girls made me!

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