Saturday, June 23, 2012

Seat Belt Cover

As my daughter has gotten bigger and is now using a regular seat belt. I've figured out that the regular seat belt straps don't really work that well. They are smaller and just slide down constantly. I had to come up with something for her. Her little neck would get so red with the strap rubbing.

You will need:
* material for the front and back of your strap
* warm and natural batting (flannel would also work)
* Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape
* sew on velcro

Cut your material and batting to 7" x 20". Cut two batting pieces out as well as the front and back material pieces. If you want to do straps for a car seat, your measurements would be 7" x 5".

Once you've sewn around the entire strap, flip your bias tape over to the other side following the creases and give it a good flat iron.

Sew the bias tape down.

Take your sew on Velcro and sew it to your strap. I measure mine from rounded edge to rounded edge. Make sure you are sewing it in the right place for when it gets folded onto the seat belt strap.

That's it! Easy Peasy and much more comfy!

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