Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nursing Cover

Ok... nursing your baby is a beautiful and wonderful thing but if your like me, you like to be modest about it. I found out quick that babies kick those blankets down like nobody's business and the thought of the people around me seeing my goods was not ok with me.

You will need:
* 1 yard of fabric ( any fabric you are comfortable with is ok as long as it isn't thin & see through)
* Boning - 12 inches
* 2 D rings

Cut 3 inches off the bottom part of your fabric and iron it in half the entire length (right sides facing each other). After ironing, cut 4 1/2 inches off the piece. These will be for your D rings and your strap.

Sew the long end together on both the large and small piece, leaving the ends open for turning.
Once you've turned the right sides out, iron them down nice and neat.
On one end of the long strap only, turned it in and top stitch to give it a nice finished look.

Take your small piece, fold it in half (looping the D rings on) and sew right under the rings. Use your zipper foot to get close.

Lay those aside for now.

Take your 12 inch piece of boning, find the center and mark it. Also find the center of your big piece of fabric for the cover and mark the center.

Line your marks up with the boning curved out.

Pin your boning down and sew along the top using your zipper foot again. Do not sew over the plastic in the boning! It will just break your needle.

Starting with your short ends of the cover, iron both sides down 1/2 inch and then another 1/2 inch. Then do your bottom and top edge the same way.

Back to your sides. Sew them down followed by sewing the bottom.

On the top where your boning is, fold it over once and sew beside the boning on both sides.

Fold it over again and pin. Remember to pin your D ring strap piece on one side of the boning and the long strap on the other. Sew all the way across. Do not sew over the plastic in the boning!

Sew across the top again, but this time, only sew up to the boning and stop.

That's it! Now go nurse in style!

I do want to add that I recently had a friend stumble upon THESE and as a breastfeeding mom, I love the idea! I wanted to store milk for when the baby stayed with grandparents and such. I just thought this was genius and other nursing mama's might like the idea too! I am not affiliated with mymilkies. Just thought I'd share a great idea.

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