Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Saw Tooth Star Memory Quilt

Ok... I've been keeping one secret the last few months. For a good reason though! I had my wonderful sister-in-law help me find pictures for my Mother-in-law's Memory Quilt for Christmas, but she had no idea I was making a photo memory quilt for her too!
My husband and my mom are the only ones who knew about both of the quilts. I wanted to show it when I was finished but I couldn't risk her seeing it before Christmas. 

I finally got to give it to her! FINALLY! It was hard not telling her when I basically tell her everything!

Here is Susan's Saw Tooth Start Memory Quilt!

What do you think??? It's not perfect but it is my first star quilt and only my 2nd quilt ever, so I'm happy with how it turned out!

I got the star measurements from Thought and Found. She has great measurements on the stars and explains how to do them very well! I used 4x6 photos (except 2 that were smaller) for the star centers. To make them the size I wanted, I just added the extra fabric around the sides that were 4". 

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