Monday, March 11, 2013

How to bind a quilt

Binding a quilts is really easy... even if you're a beginner! It's really just basic measuring and sewing.

You can get creative with binding too! You can use one color or many colors (scrappy binding).

To know how much binding you need, you will need to measure all the way around your quilt and add about 10" or so. You'll also want to cut your binding about 2.5" wide.

Now to sew strips together...
Take two pieces, place them right sides together like this. Kinda like an upside down "L".

Sew across like shown. (Sorry, it keeps loading sideways)

Cut off extra fabric.

Open up and iron down your seams. Now you will have one continuous piece.

 Once you get your entire huge long strip for the entire quilt sewn together, iron it in half lengthwise.

You are going to line you raw edges up with the raw edge of the quilt. The red is what mine was laying on, so pay no attention to that. To start, you are going to unfold one of the ends and make a point by folding it over and then you will fold the ends back together.

Start sewing about 2" from where my fingers are in the picture above.

Stop about 1/2" from your corner and back stitch.

Fold over. Pin.

Fold your strip back where the raw edges meet up again. You will have a little flap now. This is what makes your mitered corners.

Make sure your flap is laying flat. You will start sewing at the top edge and work your way around the quilt doing all corners the same way.

Now, once you have worked your way back around to your starting point you will open up the pointed beginning we made. Remember? Tuck your binding tail right in there. Cut off any huge amount of excess you don't need and finish sewing it up.

Once that's done, flip your binding over to cover the other side and iron down.

Now, you can either whip stitch the back by hand stitching or you can sew in the ditch from the front of the quilt, making sure the get the binding on the back sewn on.

Happy Binding!

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