Friday, August 10, 2012

How to make a Change Purse

I desperately needed a new little purse to put my sewing feet in. The one that came with my machine was plastic and ripped. So, I made this little change purse/ goodie purse to use for my sewing feet!

When doing a zipper on something like a change purse, I like to get my zipper a little bigger than I want my project to be. Ex. I wanted a 5"x5" change purse, so I got a 7" zipper. You can do it as big or small as you would like though. This was just the measurement I wanted.

You will need;
* Zipper
* Main fabric
* Lining fabric

If you want a stiffer purse, use some iron on interfacing on the backside of the main fabric.

First, cut your main fabric and lining fabric to the size you want but remember to add for seam allowance. I wanted a 5"x5", so I cut mine to a 6"x6".

Iron down the top edge of each one about 1/2".

Lay your lining pieces down, then place the zipper over them. Place your main fabric over the outside part of your zipper. (Your fabrics will be wrong sides together).

Make sure the bottom and top fabric are lined up and sew them into place at the zipper.

Now, open your zipper to about half way and flip your pieces so the lining fabrics are on each other and the main fabrics are on each other.

Pin and sew around the purse. Start at the bottom of the lining sewing and leave about a 3" opening for turning.

Now turn your purse right side out. Whip stitch or machine stitch your opening, turn it down in your purse.

Now, wasn't that just easy peasy!

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