Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How To Turn Pants Into A Skirt

I had some capris that I never wore anymore and I also needed a new jean skirt, so I tried my hand at turning them into a skirt! I loved it so much, I went the next day and got my girls 2 pair of pants at our local Consignment shop and made them one each too! Love them!!! It doesn't hurt that they are super easy either! Yay!

You will Need:
* Pants/ Capris
* Seam Ripper
* Material for the center if you don't plan on using your cut off leg pieces for the center.

Here are my Capris that I never wore, Before.

Cut your capris or pants off 1" longer than you want the finished product to be.

Take your trusty Seam Ripper and seam rip the inner portion and up the front and back crotch area just enough to get your centers to lay flat.

If you don't have a Seam Ripper, GET ONE! They are awesome and doing this without one would be a huge headache!!!

Line up the crotch area of your pants, making it lay flat. Do this to both the front and back area.

Pin your front and back area how you want it to look. Remember the middle will be filled in later.

Take a piece of paper (you may even need to tape a few together to get it big enough), place it under the part of your skirt that needs filled in and trace.

After you trace both the front and back on paper, draw a line 1/2" out from your original outline. Cut your pattern on this line.

Cut your fabric pieces out using your template you made and pin them in place.

You may also use the left over scraps from the pants you cut off.

Sew around your new center AND remember to also sew down the front and back crotch areas that are now laying flat.

You can cut off any extra jean left over from the crotch area that would be bothersome.

You can serge or zigzag your piece you added now if you would like.

Fold over your bottom seam 1/2" and them another 1/2" and sew down. If you aren't comfortable with sewing through such thick material and it being folded a few times, then you can also serge or zigzag your edge, fold over 1" and sew the hem.

That's it! It's really not as hard as it may look! It takes practically no time at all once you get the first pair done and get into the grove!

Happy Sewing!

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