Friday, August 10, 2012

Reversible Sewing Machine Cover

I decided to make myself a cute sewing machine cover and make it reversible too! I think all of us sewing addicts out there know that you either cover your machine or all that dust can cause problems.

First things first... measure your machine's length, height and width. When measuring the length, remember to include the turn wheel on the side.

Mine measured length 16", height 12", and width 7". I added 1" for seam allowance since I will be using a 1/2" seam allowance for each side.

Here's a little help just in case yours is the same measurements as mine.

So, my final measurements are 17"L x 13"H x 8"W. Get it?

* I cut (2) 13" x 17" (my front and back pieces)
* I cut (2) 13" x 8" (my sides pieces)
* I cut (1) 17" x 8" ( my top piece)

Iron some iron-on interfacing to all of your 5 outside pieces only. This will make it stiff enough to stand on it's own.

Lay your top piece on your back or front piece (it doesn't matter which) right sides together and sew a 1/2" seam allowance across.

Flip your top piece up and lay your other piece (front or back) right sides together and sew 1/2" seam.

All three pieces should now be connected together.

If you want to add any decoration or sew any ribbon(s) to the front or back, do that now.

Take your sides pieces and lay them right sides together on the front side of your cover and sew 1/2".

When you fold the sides out, this is what it should look like.

Take the back piece (that doesn't have the sides sewn to it yet) and bring it up pinning it to the side piece on each side and sew 1/2".

Now you will have a hole where the top and sides meet. Lets close that up!

Fold each side lining you top and sides pieces up like shown in the picture above.

Turn right side out and you should now have this box shape.

It's coming along! Yay!

Follow the same steps to make your lining except this time when sewing the sides, leave about a 3" opening.

With your main fabric turned right side out and your lining fabric turned wrong side out, place your main fabric inside your lining fabric. Pin and Sew 1/2" seam around the top.

Reach inside the 3" opening you left and pull everything right side out.

Whip stitch or machine stitch your opening closed.

Straighten and iron your fabric nice and neat and sew a stitch around the bottom, close to the edge.

Shewww.... ok, you're all done! Now see how wonderful your new sewing machine cover looks! I bet you did a great job!


  1. Thank you for this lovely Tutorial. I can see it is really just like making an upside down bag. Great photos also.

  2. Hi Elaine! Great! I'm glad it was some help to you! It is just like an upside down bag... super easy! :)